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Frequently used terms

Boosted post

The expression “boosted post” or “boosting a post” should refer to promoting or sponsoring content after it has been posted publicly from an account. While it is an advertisement, it is different to an ad set up through Business Manager or equivalent campaign platform, because those posts only appear to people who have been targeted.

Branded Content post

A branded content post is an option that you can select when posting on Facebook and Instagram. It is used when a brand has partnered with another brand or organisation, making it appear official in the newsfeed.


A carousel is a format of social post that is available for newsfeed posts. They allow you to upload multiple images or short video assets that the user can swipe through and click-through to its respective landing page for each tile.


A cinemagraph is a videography technique that freezes selected portions of the action, creating a seamless loop effect with the remaining action.

Content Creator

A content creator is primarily someone you partner with who supplies content or creative, similar to how a freelancer would. They are selected based on their ability to provide content, often for use solely on DNSW consumers channels. Therefore, their social following is not a selection criteria. The DNSW social team regularly works with content creators.

Link Posts

Link posts and ads are generally used in the context of media buying objectives and campaigns through paid social media. The objective being to send people to click through to your website or landing page.

Using the term “link post” is a helpful way to indicate that the post in question is intending to be made organically, in the first instance.

Event page

Facebook Event Pages let you organise and respond to gatherings in the real world with people on Facebook.


Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal timeline or page. This helps people find posts about topics they’re interested in. To make a hashtag, write # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase and add it to your post. For example: There's a reason the iconic Bondi to Coogee walk is described as a 'must-do'. #ilovesydney


A hyperlapse is videography format that involves shooting timelapse while also moving a camera on a tripod or manipulating the imagery to feel like the point of view is in motion.

For comparison, a timelapse is typically a stationary camera, or one that pans/ moves slightly.


An influencer is a public figure who is largely selected based on their reach and the type of audience they engage, which DNSW may wish to access through them.

Influencers can be valuable to work with when briefed to share their content on their own channels to their audiences, as opposed to content creators, who will create content for you to share on your own channels.

Instagram Sticker

An Instagram sticker is an effect you can add to your organic Instagram stories. The option becomes available once a piece of content has been captured or uploaded, but before it’s posted, so they can be added before publishing the story. It adds visual interest and, in some instances, allows your audience to engage with your story.

KOLs - Key Opinion Leaders

A person or organisation who has expert product knowledge and influence in a respective field. They are trusted by relevant interest groups and have significant effects on consumer behavior. They are the ‘go-to people for their area of expertise and do not necessarily maintain an online presence.

Live content

A live video stream launched on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat etc. Content can be shot with a mobile handset, while some platforms like Facebook enable HD streams to be produced. It publishes video in real-time.

Social Handle

Social handle refers to the username or display name of the social media account. For example, @sydney is DNSW’s Sydney handle for Instagram.

Handles may be different on different platforms. For example, DNSW’s NSW handle on Instagram is @visitnsw, whereas their handle on Twitter is @NewSouthWales

Split screen

An image or video editing technique in which two or more separate images are displayed.


The photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed the action seems much faster.


User Generated Content is imagery, video or text-based content that consumers own and share, typically on social media.

Example: holiday photos on Instagram Stories

Dark Post

An ad that is only visible to the audience it targets. It shows up in their newsfeed but isn’t published on the brand’s page.

Core Channels

China Channels

Other Channels

Get Connected

Get Connected is DNSW’s website membership program. Simple and easy to use, Get Connected membership is free and open to all tourism operators within New South Wales.

It gives DNSW the opportunity to showcase your tourism products and tap into over 1.7 million potential customers per month, both domestic and international — that’s 21.4 million people a year who are looking for tourism products.

NSW First

The NSW First program makes it easier to stay in touch with customers, maintain relationships with media and distribution partners, and develop new areas of business. The NSW First Quick Tips Tutorial videos help tourism businesses take the next steps to building a social media profile. Here’s a list of tutorials to watch:

  • Adapting the product
  • How to shoot video
  • Refreshing and updating your online presence
  • Regional conferencing
  • Social media
  • Staying connected with distribution partners

Content Library

Have you checked out DNSW’s content library? It has more than 29,000 stunning images and reels of footage available to help promote your business and destination.

Boost with Facebook Tourism Program

Facebook Australia recently launched travel-specific education sessions to support small business owners to increase their digital skills. Join free workshops and listen to local case studies who have grown their online presence through Facebook and Instagram.